Tech talk: Five ways to save money online

With higher prices on most goods, and the holidays quickly approaching, it’s time to save where you can.

Here are five ways you can save, using tech.

I tested many of these tips in recent weeks, and they work.

  1. Compare prices using Google Images It’s tempting to buy the first item you see, but you can often find the same item for less on other sites. Screengrab a photo of the item you want, or take a picture of it, then run it through Google Images.
  2. Download the store’s app, even if shopping in-store. This may seem silly and redundant but it’s not. Many retailers have a built-in scanner on their apps these days, which allows you to easily find an item online while shopping in-store. It’s another great way to compare prices, ensuring you’re getting the best deal.
  3. Compare prices in online thrift stores Poshmark recently added a feature similar to Google Images, which allows you to search for items matching your images. It’s known as Posh Lens. You may be able to find the same item, new or secondhand, through a private seller.
  4. Coupon codes Always check for coupon codes before you checkout online. You can do a simple Google search to see what coupons most major retailers are offering. Sometimes the codes are in obvious places on the site as well, such as the home page.
  5. Join reward programs Reward programs are offered through many apps these days, and it doesn’t hurt if you’re already a frequent customer at a particular store. Restaurants, and other businesses, will oftentimes reward you with freebies and other discounts when you first sign up.

Let me know which option works best for you! Watch the video above for a quick demonstration.

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