Episode 6: Dr. Carr on VP-elect Kamala Harris’ historic accomplishment, her challenges ahead and more

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With fences around the National Mall, ahead of the 59th Presidential Inauguration, it’s hard to feel connected to the tradition. Hopefully with this episode, you’ll get a sense of the thoughts floating around in the nation’s capital.

This month I’m sitting down with the one and only Dr. Greg Carr, who is the Chair of the Afro-American Studies Department at Howard University. We’re discussing Vice President-elect Kamala Harris’ accomplishments and the challenges she’ll face in the months ahead.


Tune in to hear Dr. Carr’s analysis.

Anna-Lysa Gayle: Dr. Carr, what stands out to you the most right now, in this time, when there is so much uncertainty and so many unprecedented events happening?

Dr. Greg Carr: “What stands out the most, I think is, I think we’re at an inflection point in American history. It is the first, it won’t be the last. Probably what stands out the most to me…is the increase in willingness to state what for many of us in society is the obvious. That this country…has never operated, as a nation.” 

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Special thanks to the Howard alumni, who shared a message for Harris on this month’s episode. 

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