Review: Nail kits you can try at home for a salon-grade manicure

Amid this pandemic, we’re all discovering new products. For most women, nail care has been especially challenging.

I spent at least $100 on nail care products, since March.

In my latest vlog, I’m sharing some of my favorite products for getting a salon-grade manicure at home.

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(1) Kiss Salon Acrylic Press-On Nails (Available at CVS, Target or Amazon)

(2) Red Carpet Manicure Essential Starter Kit (Available at Ulta or Amazon)

(3) Kiss Salon Dip Starter Kit (Available at CVS or Amazon

(4) Pro-Strength Gel Nail Polish Remover (Available at CVS) 

(5) Kiss French Acrylic Sculpture Kit (Available at CVS or Amazon

I also recently purchased a few Static Nail kits. I’ll share my review on Instagram, when they arrive. 

Click here, to get $5 off your next Static nails. 

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