10 questions to ask yourself before you tweet!📱


Twitter is great for many things, but there are also many downsides.

Some estimate that Twitter has more than 300 million monthly active users.

With so many voices in one place, there are so many differing opinions.

Recent examples of tweets that did more harm than good:

Here are ten things that I ask myself before I tweet: 

(1) Would I share this thought from a podium?

Think about it, how would you feel if those words left your mouth while you were standing at a podium?

(2) Read it three times and then ask yourself ‘Did I hesitate before hitting send?’ 

(3) Will it come back to haunt me (especially if a screenshot exists)?

(4) Will this tweet add value to people’s lives? 

(5) Is it verified information from a credible source? 

(6) Will this tweet start a conversation or an argument? 

If arguments are your thing, go for it!

(7) What is the purpose of this tweet? (to inform, to point out a valuable hidden perspective). 

(8) Is this is a fact or opinion? 

(9) Am I attacking anyone indirectly? 

(10) Am I sharing someone’s private information? 

Examples: Photos or videos that reveal a person’s home address, social security number, etc.

Bonus question: Do I have to use all 280 characters?

Let’s just say sometimes less is more.

Note: As a public figure things are different for me, but I hope the takeaways are helpful.

About the author

Journalist in the DMV (D.C., Maryland and Virginia)

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