Formerly homeless football player secures win during first game in nearly 2 years


The crowd roared on Friday night as 18-year-old Jamal Speaks and his teammates on Ballou High School’s football team secured a win with seconds left in the game against Roosevelt High School.

For Speaks, the road to victory was not easy.

He had a tough year, due to homelessness. It interfered with his eligibility for recent games.

When asked what he has to say to people who may be in a similar situation as the one he has faced, Speaks was succinct in his answer.

“Keep God first,” Speaks said.

After 7 On Your Side shared his obstacles, Speaks secured housing, received a scholarship offer from Temple University and a GoFundMe account was created, which now has nearly $25,000.


He says he’s grateful for every bit of support he’s getting as he tackles the road blocks in life.

“I love y’all, thank y’all so much. I just want to tell y’all that from the bottom of my heart,” Speaks said.

Speaks says right now he’s focused on going to college and playing football when his senior year wraps up.