Episode 9: Preparing for the summer – FAQs from the vaccinated/unvaccinated

Photo credit: Dr. Lucy McBride

As we inch closer to the summer, leaders are lifting restrictions all across the United States.

This month, I’m discussing the next steps for the vaccinated and the unvaccinated with Dr. Lucy McBride.

Dr. McBride practices general internal medicine in Washington, D.C.

She shares the latest information on the pandemic, through her newsletter.

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FAQs questions covered on this episode. 

(1) What can you do once you’ve been vaccinated? (07:13) 

(2) Should you travel? (8:00)

(3) Will we reach herd immunity? (10:00)

(4) Should you be worried at concerts (vaccinated/unvaccinated) ? (11:00)

(5) What should we expect in the fall, when kids return to school? (22:40)

(6) Will we need proof of vaccination (13:00)

(7) Will we need a booster shot every year?(16:00) 

(8) How you should you prepare for travel in other countries? (19:33)

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