For many, there’s no fall without Howard Homecoming. 

On this episode of ‘The Anna-Ly-sis’, I sat down with Terrell Williams (aka DJ Chubb E. Swagg) to find out more about the plans for virtual homecoming events.

“We want to have all the fun, with all of the safety. We don’t want to be irresponsible, we don’t want to be reckless.” – Terrell Williams

According to the website,, the virtual events are scheduled for 10/16 – 10/18.

Howard University also announced plans for virtual events on Monday, which is separate.


Q&A with Terrell Williams aka DJ Chubb E. Swagg 

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ANNA-LYSA: How are you coping amid the pandemic?

Terrell Williams: I set out to finish building my DJ studio and I finally got it up. Thank God that all came together. As of recently, I started my Twitch channel and I’ve been promoted to affiliate. That was pretty much my execution plan the whole time, just wait it out.

Tell me what homecoming means to you.

Homecoming is special, it’s probably the thing that is closest to my heart. I’m from Los Angeles, so we don’t have any HBCUs nearby in the state. You have to pretty much go in the middle of the country, in order to get close to one. So coming to an HBCU, being a first in my family to do so, going to the school and being immersed in its traditions and cultures, it captivated me and homecoming is pretty much the pinnacle of all of that. It’s everything on steroids, it’s more special to me because I was able to participate as a DJ at a very early age and because of that, it allowed opportunities for me to evolve when I was done with school. Tour and all that reaches back to homecoming, even Nipsey. When he came to homecoming, when I was I think a sophomore, we met…when he picked me up years later, he told me he had remembered that.


What can we expect during the virtual homecoming?

What I believe is, we’re going to do it on Twitch which is perfect because it’s the only platform right now that gives you LIVE audio and visual without any dropouts/interruptions. Not to mention, you also have an option for playback…we’re going to have a very engaging party. I’ve got special guests coming through….we’re doing giveaways.

We want to have all the fun, with all of the safety. We don’t want to be irresponsible, we don’t want to be reckless.

What is your favorite homecoming memory?

We’re on stage, we’re coming from behind the Howard Theatre, the entire place is packed. I go on stage, to my left Lance Gross, David Oliver and to my right I see lights and I see bottles coming out and that’s Bobby Shmurda. He comes out on stage, I get back on the turntables and…magic happens. Nobody knew Bobby was coming and the song was so hot.

What are your the top 5 HBCU homecomings?

Responses paraphrased. Listen to this segment at 24:50 in th audio file above.

(1)Howard University

(2) North Carolina A&T

(3) FAMU

(4) Norfolk State

(5) Atlanta University Center Consortium, AUC


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